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Company profile 
   Suzhou Wire Electric Technology Co.,Ltd., which located in Suzhou High-tech Zone, Jiangsu Province, was founded in 2013.

   We are specialized in the production of ceramic heating core, hot air heater heating core and plastic gun core. With our excellent product quality and service all the time, we have obtained good recognition from our customers in the industry.

Product description 
   Our ceramic heating cores are made of yellow brown ceramic, which resistant to thermal and cool shock. The ceramic is fired by the high temperature of 1500 degree, with high strength, high temperature resistance, and not easy to break.

   We use Sweden KANTHAL high temperature alloy heating wire, which is hard to deformation under high temperature. So it can work for a long term in high power, high load, high temperature environment.

   Terminals are plated with copper silver process, to ensure good conductivity through high current.

Product applications

   Our ceramic heating core can support a variety of imported and domestic hot air gun, plastic welding gun, hot air, packaging equipment, etc. So far we has developed more than 100 kinds of specifications of the ceramic heating core, widely used in all walks of life: Plastic coating, advertising inkjet tarpaulin welding, HDPE geomembrane welding, landfill seepage film welding, PVC coating fabric heat splicing, PVC plastic floor welding, food packaging industry, plastic shrink packaging, food drying baking, drying equipment sterilization packaging, industrial heater hot air, electronic chemicals, civil engineering, plastics industry, vehicle maintenance (painting / paint / welding), roof waterproofing membrane welding, and other professional fields.

Company commitment 
   The integrity, strength and quality of our products have been recognized by the industry. Quality wins the market, integrity makes the quality. Our company is the one worth of your trust!